6 Week Class   -  $80
Includes full list of commands, any behavior analysis and correction needed, potty training help, and even a few beginning tricks if wanted. Plus lifetime help and advice.

Single Class/Commands   -  $20 per day/class
For those that need only a little bit of help. Say you want to work on walking on loose leash only or stay. This would be the choice for you.  ~ Full payment due at time of class.

Payment Plans

In order to make training available to all there are plans.

Half payment on first day of training and second half due by week five.

$20 every other week. Due 1st week, 3rd, 5th and 6th week.

$10 a week with a deposit of $30 due 1st week.

If none of these plans work for you then please contact me as soon as possible to see what we can work out. I really want all dogs to have a chance.

Sign up two or more dogs and pay only $40 per dog.

Cash or Checks.
Checks payable to Sharlene Perez

Unless otherwise discussed, all payments should be in by 5th week. 6th week is always graduation.