School Supplies

4-6 ft leash and buckle collar
Treats- soft, chewy (no crunchy) I suggest rolled dog food found at local pet stores.
Comfortable shoes and clothes.
Vaccination records
A good, positive attitude.
Basic 6 wk class

Covers walking on loose leash, sit, down, sit/down stay, Leave It, Recall (come), and more. Behavior issues, potty training problems and lifetime advice. This is the perfect class for the new dog owner or the dog that needs a full education.
We use treats to train dogs so please be prepared with soft, chewy treats. Not crunchy treats. One handler per dog required. Vaccination records should be up-to-date.

Single class/command
Perfect for the dog that just needs to catch up on something. Choose from any of the commands listed in the 6 wk class or ask about anything yo like.

Free Behavior Analysis/New Dog Homing

Getting a new dog? Call me first. I'll even go with you to help you choose the right puppy for you from the breeder.
Having behavior problems such as chewing, potty training, biting, etc? Call me and I will evaluate your dog at no cost. Note- Aggressive dogs should be taken to a specialty trainer. I am not qualified to train them but can help you find someone who can.

New baby on the way or new pet? Call me and we will help your dog adjust as easily as possible before the new arrival and after.